In today’s knowledge-based work, a network and its reliable operation are a basic need, and even taken for granted. Reliable network operation ensures the best possible preconditions for success, as almost everything is done online nowadays.

Here at SoftAvenue, we provide comprehensive intranet services that allow our customers to be confident that the network has been designed and optimised to work in the best possible way.

Our network engineers are top experts in their field, and the entire network team is ECSE certified. Our network team also has a number of other certificates, such as Cisco & Juniper. We produce network services in cooperation with the industry’s best manufacturers: Cisco, Juniper and Ekahau.

After the network is operational, we provide our customers with network monitoring, management, reporting and maintenance services. The SoftAvenue Managed Network service allows our customers to ensure the reliable and safe operation of their network now and in the future.