Modern IT environments are built on secure and scalable systems. Many companies have moved system solutions away from their own premises, as the ownership and maintenance of hardware is very expensive and rarely expedient. Around the world, there is much talk about cloud transformation and digitalisation whereby processes are transferred to the cloud and digitised. The mere digitalisation of processes as such does not necessarily help; instead, we have to be able to introduce the benefits of the digital world in an optimal way.

We provide hosting and capacity services to support the digitalisation of Finland. We tailor our hosting services, always taking into account the business and technical needs of our customers. We can also provide hosting service packages to suit the needs of each customer, and scalable according to the situation.

We provide hosting services with the world’s leading technologies, allowing us to ensure very high availability, security and continuity of our services.

Our technology choices for hosting services include, for example, VmWare, Nutanix, Veeam, Cisco and Microsoft. The service is produced at data centres located in Finland, meaning that GDPR or other data location requirements do not preclude the use of the service.