The cloud services we offer are built around Microsoft’s cloud service technologies.

Our services include all projects and services associated with Office 365 and Azure services. We also specialise in the implementation of productivity solutions, and we help our customers succeed by utilising Microsoft’s cloud technology.

We also invest heavily in Microsoft’s cloud technologies and actively strive to be the forerunner partner with them in Finland.

We help our customers find the services and tools from Microsoft’s cloud offering that provide them with the most added value in business. We also offer cloud service invoicing through a monthly-based CSP model.

Our services include, for example:

Office 365 Productivity

We map our customer’s current situation with Office 365 products. We also examine what services the end users need in their daily work.

We present services included in the current Office 365 licence and examine their potential from the customer’s point of view. We also review the other Office 365 service licences and the additional services they offer. Our goal is to always maximise the benefits brought by Office 365 and to increase work efficiency.

Office 365 Security

Our goal is to improve the information security of the customer’s Office 365 environment and to safeguard our customer’s business. We map the status of the customer’s Office 365 environment as well as create and implement the necessary measures to improve information security.

Office 365 Migration and Onboarding

We escort our customer from other services to Office 365. We also ensure that the service works in the desired way, and we bring our customer’s Office 365 services to a level where everyday life and basic features work.

Azure Consulting

We help find the products and services from Azure that best support our customer’s business. We create an operating model with which the configuration, organisation and cost tracking of Azure cloud services is clear and easy to manage.